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She buried her face in his chest and soaked him with her tears.“What happened, Cathy? Something must have happened to upset you like this,” Bryce asked, clearly still confused by her behaviour.“I saw Lisa today,” she answered, looking up into Bryce’s eyes.His face turned pale.“Lisa? How … how the hell did you know?”“You left a message open on your phone the other day. I saw it and investigated. I didn’t fight with her or scream at her or anything, Bryce. Don’t worry.”“What did you do, then?” he asked nervously.Cathy raised her head and stared into his eyes. A smile slowly appeared on her lips even as tension rose in her.“I had fantastic, mind-blowing sex.”Bryce’s jaw dropped. Cathy started giggling. *“She did what?” Elliott said. His eyes were wide with surprise.Elliott had been Bryce’s best buddy and “wingman” since college. They worked for different employers in the same building and had met for lunch. It was Elliott who had introduced Bryce to Lisa.Bryce wasn’t surprised by. “None at all! She is a very nice young lady.” I said. Did Lindsey lie about us being alone in the car for an hour? Would that have mattered? Did she think something more went on than just a car ride? That peck on the cheek was just a bit unexpected. My mind was racing, I couldn’t think straight, then as the band was lining up. Lindsey called my name, I looked over, and she gave me a big smile and a cute little wave. I spent the rest of the night convincing myself that it was all in my head.Lindsey’s father sat by me in the stands, he tried to make conversation, asking about the routine. But soon as he started his phone rang and he was in a business call that lasted most of the night, getting his laptop out and going to work. When he was done, he asked if I minded picking Lindsey up Saturday morning and taking her to her violin lessons. I agreed and he gave me the address. “She needs to be there tomorrow at eight.” He said. “Thanks for helping.
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