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Each one was filled with a colored powder. There was red and orange, yellow and white, blue and purple. She had already received a red mark on her forehead to indicate that she was mated, was the elder going to draw on her again? Much like henna, the pigments were semi-permanent and did not wash off. It had taken the better part of a month for the one that she had received on her first visit to fade.“No afraid,” Sleethe said, and she looked up at him as he waited beside her. “Krell will not harm you. This is our way.”Cryptic, or perhaps poorly translated, but the intent was clear enough. The Krell were going to do something and she shouldn’t be afraid of it. The elder began to speak again, his booming voice echoing throughout the temple.“We accept you among us, become as kin.”The elder dipped his hand into one of the clay pots, coating his fingers in dye, and then moved towards Sleethe. He drew runes on her partner’s pale belly, intricate, calligraphic text that Lena could not parse.. Janet collapsed against Roman’s chest, with her head resting on his shoulder. His hands and arms slid up the smoothness of her back, hugging her closer to him. He whispered in her ear, telling her of his love for her. She responded with a deep sigh of contentment and a soft curl against his body. It was time for Lila to go, but she didn’t want to interupt Janet and Roman’s post-coital reverie. She kissed Janet lightly on the shoulder and patted Roman’s arm as she left to retrieve her clothes. Leaving off the garter belt, she started by putting on her stockings. As she slipped her skirt up her legs, Janet came into the bedroom and jumped on the bed, watching her dress. Janet thanked her friend again and again for coming over and giving them this treat. Janet slipped into and began buttoning her own dress, as Lila finished putting on her sweater and shoes and gathered up the rest of her things. As Janet followed Lila to her car, Roman, still naked on the floor, called out, ‘Drive.
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