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"Who am I?" "Aromir, have you ever heard of the People of Fate? They are a race of humans that lived long ago, longer even than before my grandparents' grandparents were alive. To varying degrees of intensity, they can see the future. Also to varying degrees can they use magic, or could rather, the art has been lost since then. They are swift warriors and in their prime conquered all of Eselia. When I was alive a peace had been brokered between the mundane human nations and the People. Ten men, each the head of their nations, were given a ring that would have them ensure peace between themselves. During this reign of peace the world saw an era of invention and discovery. The mundane humans began to learn and experiment, and think and imagine, and it frightened the leaders of the People of Fate. To control this surge of discovery the Ringmen created a fraternity to control the sudden influx of knowledge. These men were chosen because they were each masters of applying such learning. “So Justine, are you going to fill me in or what? Renee got me worried and now I feel there is a pretty good story to go with it. I’m not sure how it involves me though.”“Ha, you’ll piece it together pretty quickly I think. Let me freshen these up first though.” She grabbed my almost empty glass and her empty glass and went about making another round. She hadn’t listened to me about going easy and this round she looked to be a bit heavier handed on the vodka with both of our drinks.As she handed me back my glass she started in. “So, Friday night after our conversation, I went to work. Typical 11:00-7:00 overnight shift. Most of my patients were asleep, so there was not a heck of a lot I needed to do. Renee asked me if I’d cover her patients while she headed down to the hospital coffee shop. She told me she was going to be a little while as she needed to hit the ATM and kill some time off the floor. I told her it was fine and she went on her way."“Well, forty-five minutes.
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