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”Artemis walked over and sat down, her eyes wide in surprise. “What? How? Have you turned me into a slave already? That shouldn’t be possible!” she said in a normal tone.“Well,” Matt said, “I was going to make you answer my questions first, but I suppose I can get a few of yours out of the way first.”He paused to think. He knew he faced an organized enemy now. It was probably best to not reveal anything about his capabilities, even if he did enslave her in the end, as there might be others monitoring them. Still the urge to brag on his powers was strong. He finally settled on being cryptic.“To address your questions in order:” he continued, “Your bow and arrows are quiet, but they aren’t quite silent, and the arrows are slower than sound. I heard your bow and the arrow’s movement through the air. I dodged the arrow and brought it up here with me. As to how I did all that so quickly, lets just say that I can walk between the moments.”“No, I haven’t made you a slave yet. I’ve just made. .. because you are the one Andro choose to deliver that speech to the entire Union."Dilios's eyes grew as wide as anyone had ever seen. "Me?" He gasped loudly. "Panos ... I ... there are many who are far better qualified than me to give such a speech. I hate to stand before the Spartan Senate and speak! I can't do this!" Andro disagrees and so does Deia." Panos spoke."Why?" Dilios asked astounded."You are a Lycavorian Spartan and the only surviving member of the Spartan Senate from when Martin's father ruled. There are many of us still alive from that time but only you had the distinction of serving King Leonidas first hand." Panos said in reply. "Regardless of what you may think my friend, that fact alone carries great weight within the Union. Among many circles."Dilios stared at him for a long moment, the quiet in the room almost unnerving. Finally he looked at Arete and then back to Panos. "I would be honored." He spoke.Panos nodded. "Good." He motioned to the large monitor. "I.
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